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For whatever reason, an individual may have just broken up with opossum control, which could mean that they are not in a good way. Maybe one is experiencing a fair amount of sadness, along with feeling depressed from time to time.

There could also be moments when one ends up becoming mad and is even consumed by rage.

A Different Outcome

This doesn’t mean that they won’t ever feel unhappy, though.

The big difference is that what has taken place will not have had a big effect on their internal world. This can then allow one to make a fairly smooth transition from one stage of their life to another.

The Reason

What this can show is that this person was not in a relationship that was very fulfilling. An individual would have come to find that their time together had come to an end and this will make it easier for them to place this phase of their life behind them.

If one was in a relationship which wasn’t very fulfilling yet they are not in a good way, it could be a sign that something else is going on for them. Perhaps they were carrying a lot of emotional pain before they got into this relationship and therefore, the end of the relationship has brought it up to the surface.

Another Scenario

Then again, if a person does feel good but their relationship was going well, it could demonstrate that one has disconnected from their pain. One can then believe that they are fine, as can the people in their life, yet this will be an illusion.

And, if ones relationship was going well and they are in plenty of pain, what they are going though will be perfectly normal. They will have experienced loss and this will have caused them to experience despair.

A Procedure

It is unlikely that they will have the ability to think their way out of what’s happening; what they will most likely need to do is to feel their way outside. This is then likely to be a time when they will be surrendering to the way they feel as opposed to trying to change how they feel.

Embracing the way they feel, and allowing themselves to shout out the pain that’s within them, will almost certainly help. If they’re a woman it may be easier for them to do this than when they’re man, due to the fact that is often more acceptable for a woman to express her emotions.

An Interruption

Regardless of what one is going through now in their life, they could end up hearing from their ex.

This could be the final thing they wanted to hear or it could be something that they’re only too pleased to hear.

The Next Step

Their ex will then leave them alone if they respect them and have good boundaries.

At exactly the exact same time, after having been requested this, an individual could wind up feeling confused, not knowing what to do. What this is likely to show is they are experiencing inner conflict.


If it was going well or there was only a minor problem, then it may be a great idea for them to return with their ex. Along with thinking about what their relationship was like, it is going to be important for them to tune into themselves.


By tuning into what is occurring within them, they’ll be able to see what parts of them want to return and what parts do not. If they find that there is a strong pull in their torso to go back with them, it may demonstrate that they feel abandoned.

In cases like this, their need to get back with their ex can be about averting how they feel than being with someone who they genuinely wish to be with. Being with their ex can then allow them to feel better at the short-term but it won’t serve them in the long-term.


What this illustrates of how significant self-awareness is when it comes to making a great decision. Without this, someone may end up making a decision that they will end up regretting.

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